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Look here for new additions to the   website.  The site was last updated on 4/29/09 at 1:30 pm.

The Announcements here and the reminders below, or under the assignments at the right, are in reverse order: those at the top are the newest.

Two more copies of the Dismukes et al text are now available on my Science Library reserve book shelf. I have requested that you be allowed to check two of the four out now for 24 hours: let me know if those instructions continue to be ignored.

The Exam 2 grades are posted at E-gradebook, and the key is posted across the hall from the MGM office (NMS 2.104), in the glass-fronted case. If you have questions about the grading of your exam, please first check the key, next return your exam to Samantha ASAP with a written note explaining the problem, and  finally if you still arenít satisfied with your grade bring both to me (PJS). However, be aware that I will probably look over and evaluate all your  written sections: e. g. short answers and essays.

Samantha's Discussion Sessions begin on 2/3/09.

Rooms for Samantha's Discussion Sections are as follows: Tuesdays in Jester A207A and Wednesdays in RLM 5.122.

Reminder: If the class web site goes down, contact the Biological Sciences Computer Support Facility (BSCSF) at help@bscsf.utexas.edu , not PJS or Samantha. Thanks.

Samantha has a website that has her past quizzes. The address is: http://webspace.utexas.edu/sbc/www/ or click here

Reminder: if you want to make an appointment with PJS, because you can't make his office hour, just feed him a few times by e-mail and he will pick one and reply by a return response.

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Look here for new assignments: Be sure to click "Refresh" or "Reload" on your web browser each time you visit to clear your disc cache in order to see the most recent changes!  Note that new assignments are identified as m/d/09; those identified for /07 were for Spring 2007 and may be changed as the semester progresses.

2009 Assignments

  • For 1/22/09:
    Dismukes, et. al., Preface, page v;
    Sz Readings,
    1, 2, 3 & 4.
  • For 1/27/09:
    Dismukes, et. al., Chapter 2, Epidemiology of Systematic Fungal Diseases: Overview;
    Sz Readings, 5.
  • For 1/29/09:
    Sz Readings 6, 7 & 8
  • For 2/3/09:
    Sz Readings 9 & 10.
  • For 2/5/09:
    Sz Reading 11.
  • For 2/10/09:
    Sz Readings 12, 13a &13b
  • For 2/12/09
    Sz Readings 14, 15 & 16.
  • For 2/17/09
    Dismukes, et. al.
    , Chapters 3 & 4, Antifungals.
    Sz Readings 17.
  • For 2/19/09:
    Dismukes, et. al.
    , Chapters 5, 6 & 7, More Antifungals.
    (Note: The above are the last of the reading assignments for Exam I.
    Sz Reserve reading 18.
  • 2/24/09:  Exam I in BUR 112 at 11:00 AM  (Coverage through Antifungals).
  • For 2/26/09.
    Dismukes, et. al., Chapter 24, The Superficials, pages 367-369 only; and Chapter 13, Malasseziosis & Trichosporonosis only, pgs 209-213.
    Sz Readings Sz 18 & 19
  • For 3/3/09: Dismukes, et. al.: Rest of Chapter 13, The Dermatophytoses.
    Sz Reading 20.
  • For 3/05/09: Dismukes, et. al.:  Chapter 26, Chromoblastomycosis.
    Sz Reading 21.
  • For 3/10/09: Dismukes, et. al.: Chapter 17, Phaeohyphomycosis.
    Sz Reading 22.
  • For 3/12/09: Dismukes, et. al.: Chapter 25, Eumycetoma.
    Sz Reserve Readings 23.
  • For 3/24/09: Dismukes, et. al.: Chapter 22, Sporotrichosis.
    Sz Readings 24 & 25.
  • For 3/26/09:
    Dismukes, et. al.: Ch 11, Candidiasis,
    Sz Readings 26 & 27.
    For 3/31/09: Sz Readings:  28 & 29.

    4/7/09: Exam II in BUR at 11:00 AM (coverage through Candidiasis).
  • For 3/31/09: Also Dismukes, et. al.: Ch 12, Cryptococcosis.
  • For 4/2/09: Sz Readings 30, 31 & 32.
  • For 4/9/09: Dismukes et al.: Chapter 18, Histoplasmosis.
    Sz Reading Sz 33.
  • For 4/14/09: Dismukes, et. al.: Ch 19, Blastomycosis.
    Sz Reading 34.
  • For 4/16/09: Dismukes, et. al.: Ch 20, Coccididiodomycosis
  • For 4/21/09: Sz Readings: Sz 35 & 36.
  • For 4/23/09: Dismukes, et. al.: Ch 14, Aspergillosis
  • For 4/28/09: Sz Readings 37, 38 and Sz 8 again.
  • 4/30/09: Exam 3 in BUR at 11:00 AM (coverage Cryptococcosis through Aspergillosis)
  • For 5/5/09: Sz Readings 39 & 40 (Note: these are the last of the reading assignments for BIO 329.)
  • For 5/7/09: No Assignments
  • 5/14/09: Optional Final Exam in BUR112 from 9:00-12:00 noon (coverage from beginning through Mushrooms and Mycotoxins). Also see all notes below for more information about the final.

    NOTE/REMINDER: As per the syllabus for BIO329, should you decide to take the final, then it too will count 33.3% and your lowest semester exam grade will be dropped from the calculation for your final average (Note: if you opt to take the final, then it will be one of the three scores used to calculate your final grade).  Final averages will not be curved, but  will be assigned as follows:

                                            85-100%   =   A

                                          70-84%     =   B

                                           55-69%     =   C

                                           50-54%     =   D

                           and less than 50%      =   F                                          


Information concerning the optional final (5/14/09) :

Suggestion: Possibly you should wait to declare about taking or not taking the final until you know what your third score is. Hopefully we will be able to give your third exams back after the last class. Then you can check all your exams to make sure you have all your points at e-gradebook, calculate your average and then finally let us know your decision about taking the final, which is required (see below).

The optional final will be administered from 9-12 noon, on Thursday, May 14th in BUR 112: please bring a number 2 pencil.

Should you elect to take the final, you must e-mail a request to do so to PJS, with a cc to Samantha, by 9:00 AM, Tuesday, 5/12/09. Should you not do this, then there will be no exam available for you at the final exam room and your grade will be calculated from the average of your three semester exam grades. Should you request an exam and then not show up, then a zero will be recorded and used in the calculation of your final grade.

Samantha has a website . The address is: http://webspace.utexas.edu/sbc/www/ or click here.

 Course Contact Info & Office Hours
Dr. Paul Szaniszlo
E-mail: pjszaniszlo@mail.utexas.edu
Office: ESB 109A
Office hours: Monday, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM or by appointment : (just send me a few times you want to meet and I'll pick one or suggest alternatives).

Szaniszlo Lab website: http://www.sbs.utexas.edu/mycology/
TA: Samantha Croft
E-mail: sbcroft@hotmail.com
Office hours: TTh from 11:00 AM-12:00 PM in MBB 2.424A.
The optional Discussion Sessions will start 1/25/05 and be held Wednesdays & Thursdays from 4-5 PM in Rainy 3.102A.

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