[Apical meristem]
[Basal meristem]
[Basal meristem]
[Intercalary meristem]
[Axillary meristem]
[Axillary meristem]
[Protoderm, promeristem]
[Apical cell, fern]
[Apical cell, Equisetum]
[CMC zone]
[Corpus zonation]
[Cocklebur apex]
[Large apex, cactus]
[Large CMC. PRM]
[Large PZ]
[Files of cells]
[Axillary bud, Coleus]
[Axillary bud, ash]
[Fern root tip]
[Fern root, mag]
[Cattail root tip]
[Cattail apex, mag]
[Cattail root cap]
[Root protoderm]
[Symplastic growth]
[Corn root]
[Corn root, mag]

 Chapter 6. Apical meristems.

           The figures presented here were selected to illustrate aspects of meristems, primarily the apical meristems of shoots and roots. Micrographs of other types of meristems are presented as well. The legends were written to complement the more complete discussion of collenchyma presented in Chapter 6 (pages 79 to 107) in the textbook Plant Anatomy by J. D. Mauseth, published by Cummings & Hathaway.

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The apex of the fern Nephrolepis.