What's going on in the Simpson Lab?

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June 2009    
March 2009 newsflash
Simone is awarded an NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant.
November 2008

New Lab Membership Photo!!!!

November 2008 interesting
Beryl and Jack go collecting in Argentina, including Patagonia!!
November 2008 strange
The Simpson lab discovers the SEM. pictures
October 2008 spiffy
Debra collects Pectis in Michoacán. pictures
July 2008 interesting
Roadtrip to Botany 2008 in Vancouver, B.C. pictures
June 2008
Roadtrip to Missouri Botanical Gardens pictures
June 2008 cool
Sarah chooses to write her dissertation from afar.. pictures
February 2008 newsflash
Debra is awarded an NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant.
December 2007
Debra leaves abruptly for Sinaloa. pictures
October 2007 News from Peru:  Juanita reports an ocelot sighting, with !  
October 2007

Juanita disappears into the jungle again, this time in Peru!  Sarah goes collecting in Mexico.

Sept.  2007

Xiao Wei and Jason Schoneman join the Simpson Lab. 

March 2, 2007

 Sarah's NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant got funded!!!!!!!!

December 2006

Joint Ice Cream-Making Venture with the Jansen and Theriot Labs.


2006 Lab Membership Photo

August 2006

Debra presents her findings about the chloroplast genomes of Buxus and Illicium at Botany 2006.

July 2006

Both Ruth Timme and Anneke Padolina successfully defend their dissertations and graduate.

May 2006

Field work!  Juanita disappears into the steaming jungles of Venezuela, Simone into the Brazilian Cerrado.


An interview with Juanita in The Daily Texan!

May 2006

Cate completes her thesis and graduates.  Beryl's Pomaria paper is accepted for publication.

April 2006

Sarah receives an Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award from the School of Biological Sciences!


Juanita is awarded a Lindbergh grant!

January 2006

Sarah, Beryl, and Jack go to Argentina to collect Nama, Adesmia, and bees.

Dec 2005

Josh goes  to South Africa to collect Linum.  See some !

October 2005

Debra and Josh go collecting in West Texas.

August 2005

Simone Cappellari and Debra Hansen join the Simpson lab.

  Sarah and Debra present their research at Botany 2005, Austin, TX; Ruth, Josh, and Cate present posters.  
  Ruth finds a hatchling snapping turtle wandering around outside Biological Laboratories; delivers it to the turtle pond.  
July 2005 Beryl and Josh give presentations at the International Botanical Congress in Vienna.  
June 2005 Ruth attends the Evolution meetings in Alaska to present her research on the search for new nuclear markers of universal phylogenetic utility in plants.  
Summer 2005 Juanita spends three months researching palm weevil cultivation in the jungles of Venezuela.  
May 2005 Josh goes collecting linums in the panhandle of Texas.  
10 May 2005 Cate takes Ruth and Josh collecting in Lee County.  They find  some interesting things.  
March 2005 Josh goes collecting linums in west TX.  
  Sarah goes collecting Nama in southern California.  
  Josh is awarded an NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant.  
  Ruth received a PEO Scholarship.