Debra does her Woody Allen impression.

Debra Hansen

B.F.A.: Academy of Art College, San Francisco, CA.

M.S.: Ecology and Systematic Biology, S.F.S.U.

  • Thesis:  Phylogenetic Relationships between and within Phacelia Sections Whitlavia and Gymnobythus  (Boraginaceae).

Ph.D.: In progress (coadvised by Dr. Bob Jansen)

  • Dissertation research: Systematics and Biogeography of Pectis (Asteraceae: Tageteae).

Contact: debrahansen at


Hansen et al. 2009. Phylogenetic relationships between and within Phacelia sections Whitlavia and Gymnobythus (Boraginaceae). Systematic Botany 34: 737-746.

Hansen et al. 2007. Phylogenetic and evolutionary implications of complete chloroplast genome sequences of four early-diverging angiosperms: Buxus (Buxaceae), Chloranthus (Chloranthaceae), Dioscorea (Dioscoreaceae), and Illicium (Schisandraceae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 45: 547-563.. S


Debra started in the Ph.D. program in Plant Biology in the Fall of 2005.  She has finished and annotated the chloroplast genomes of  Illicium and Buxus (poster, Botany 2006), and is investigating phylogeny, biogeography, and evolution of C4 photosynthesis in Pectis (Asteraceae: Tageteae).

Little-known fact:  Debra has ridden in Otis Spunkmeyer's airplane.