In October 2008, Debra and Dr. José Luis Villaseñor of UNAM collected Pectis in Michoacán,
with the expert help of Oscar Hinojosa and Enrique Ortiz.

Jose Luis performs the Blessing of the Road


Enrique, Oscar, Porophyllum, Jose Luis, Pectis Pectis linifolia var. hirtella Pectis linifolia var. hirtella
Porophyllum macrocephalum inflorescence Porophyllum macrocephalum inflorescence Tagetes erecta
Enrique and Pectis decemcarinata Pectis decemcarinata Pectis decemcarinata
Collection site of Pectis decemcarinata, P. leavenworthii, P. diffusa, and P. linifolia "El camino de Pectis" "El camino de Pectis"
Fauna y flora Porophyllum macrocephalum with upside-down beetle Passiflora sp. with beetle
Pectis leavenworthii Pectis leavenworthii Pectis leavenworthii
Pectis diffusa and Oscar's arm Pectis diffusa Pectis diffusa habit ha
Pectis luckoviae, old inflorescence and newer inflorescence Pectis luckoviae, phyllaries fused at base Pectis luckoviae, entire head dehisces at maturity
crops west of Infiernillo Pectis luckoviae habit Sun rising over hill close to Infiernillo
Pectis uniaristata var. uniaristata Campos de fútbol are Pectis-friendly Another campo de fútbol
Pholisma culiacana! Pholisma culiacana Very green lizard chased me down the road.
Milleria quinqueflora Adenophyllum porophyllum Tridax mexicana
Artesanato de Michoacán Jose Luuis, Oscar, and Enrique in Patzcuaro, Michoacán from the Museo Frida Kahlo in Coyoacán, Mexico City