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Home page: Cactus adaptations to dry environments

James D. Mauseth, Section of Integrative Biology, The University of Texas, Austin, TX 78712


    This purpose of this website is to describe ways in which the anatomy of cacti has become modified by evolution such that they are now adapted to inhabit hot, dry areas. The information here is based on my own research as well as that of my graduate students and colleagues. The information has been categorized into the topics that are listed as links on the left. Please click on any link to go to that topic's page with text and photos. For further details, the bottommost link will take you to a list of my published research papers.

    This site is written for an audience of both biologists and general readers interested in biology. Some botanical terms must be used that might not be familiar to everyone, so I recommend several books that can be consulted for technical terms or as background reading on general botany.

Click on the cover of any book for information about it.

Botany, An Introduction

to Plant Biology

A Cactus Odyssey. Journeys through the Wilds of Bolivia, Peru and Argentina Plant Anatomy


    Also, an excellent source of information on cacti and other desert plants can be found through the Cactus and Succulent Society of America and its Journal (both scientific and lay articles) and Haseltonia (a journal just for reviewed scientific articles). [If you click on any of these three links, use your browser's Back button to return here.]

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