Laura I. Gonzalez, University of Texas at Austin





Grad students





Current students

Tania S. Peņa-Baca, Ph.D student co-advised with Dr. Tim Keitt

Courtney Abshire, Masters' student co-advised with Dr. Tim Keitt

Jeff Scott, Undergraduate Honors' student

Prospective students

As I hold a non-tenure track position at Integrative Biology (IB), students interested in becoming part of my lab need to be co-advised by tenured or tenure-track Faculty at IB.  I would recommend my husband Timothy Keitt as the ideal co-advisor given his excellent background on spatial modeling, data analysis and landscape ecology and the fact that he is also a collaborator in the Baja California Sur project.   However, I am always open to hear other co-advising suggestions (see Faculty list).

Interested in applying?

1. Contact me as soon as possible.

2. Start looking into fellowship opportunities within the US or your country of origin.  Contact the graduate coordinator for guidance on US opportunities.

3.Apply on time to the program in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior and notify me by e-mail when you submit your application.

4. Make sure to follow up with me in regards to your application.

My mentoring philosophy is that of allowing students to pursue their own interests while guiding them along the way to make sure they succeed in the program and accomplish their career goals. 

In regards to funding,  Integrative Biology guarantees a minimum of 5 years of support through teaching assistantships to qualified applicants. My NSF grant will fund the entire field and lab related research for students interested in working in the Baja California project.  Some funds may be available for student support during the Summer term.