Beryl B. Simpson

C.L. Lundell Professor of Systematic Botany

School of Biological Sciences
Section of Integrative Biology
The University of Texas at Austin
Office: BIO 112
Phone: 512.471.7335
e-mail: beryl at
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Current Activities (Fall 2006):
Teaching: Economic Botany
Editor: Lundellia
Director: The Plant Resources Center/ University of Texas Herbarium (TEX)
Research: speciation patterns in the South American genera Adesmia (Fabaceae) and Perezia (Asteraceae), phylogeny of the Caesalpinia generic group.

Dr. Simpson also offers the following graduate-level seminars on a rotating schedule:
Principles of Pollination Biology (BIO 394)
Principles and Methods of Organismal Monography (BIO 394)
Biogeography (BIO 394, Topic 2)


Recent Publications

2005 Simpson, B.B., J.A. Tate, and A. Weeks.  The biogeography of Hoffmannseggia (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae, Caesalpinieae): a tale of many travels. Journal of Biogeography 32:15-27
2004 Simpson, B.B., J.A. Tate, and A. Weeks. Phylogeny and character evolution in Hoffmannseggia (Caesalpinieae: Caesalpinipioideae: Leguminosae). Systematic Botany 29: 933-946
2004 Simpson, B.B., D.M. Helfgott, A. Weeks, and L.L. Larkin. Species relationships in Krameria (Krameriaceae) based on ITS sequences and morphology: Implications for character utility and biogeography. Systematic Botany 29:97-108
2004 Simpson, B.B. Krameriaceae. Pp. 198-200 in Flowering Plants of the Neotropics. N. Smith, S.A. Mori, A. Henderson, D.W. Stevenson and S.V. Heald, eds.  Princeton University Press, Princeton.
2003 Simpson, B.B., L.L. Larkin, and A. Weeks. Progress towards resolving the relationships of the Caesalpinia group (Caesalpinieae: Caesalpinioideae: Fabaceae).  Pp. 123-148 in Advances in Legume Systematics X: Higher Level Systematics and Biogeography. B. Klitgaard and A. Bruneau, eds. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
2003 Simpson, B.B. and G.P. Lewis. New combinations in the genus Pomaria. Kew Bulletin 58(1): 175-184
2003 Neff, J.L., B.B. Simpson, N.L. Evenhuis, and G. Dieringer. Character analysis of adaptations for tarsal pollen collection in the Bombyliidae (Insecta: Diptera): the benefits of putting your foot in your mouth. Zootaxa 157: 1-14
Updated: January 2005

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