What's Blooming at Sultan's Greenhouse


It is time to start sharing some of my plants at the BFL greenhouse.  Enjoy the photos.


November 2007






   Montanoa hibiscifolia  This plant was grown from seed collected during my very first trip to Guatemala.   Seed was gathered in the hills on the east side of Antigua, Sacatepequez.






            Cobaea scandens leaf tendril, bud, and flowers as they develop.  This plant was grown from seed collected in San Pedro La Laguna.    



                                  Conoclinium coelistinum head.  Propagated from cutting at BFL.                                          Dahlia coccinea: from seed from D__.




                                                                                              Gaillardia pulchrella                                                                          Solidago ulmifolia




    Symphotrichum drummondii - seed from Travis County




                                                                              Tithonia (Mexican cultivar)                                                                     Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides





                                                         Salvia coccinea - from seed collected at BFL                                                                                              Salvia regla




Passiflora coriacea stem tendril and fruit.  The plant was grown from seed from UT Biology greenhouse.




                        Senna alata inlforescneces and fruit.  Seed grown from plants on UT campus.



December 2007




                                                                                     Dombeya spectabilis                                                                                            Dombeya spectabilis


                                                                                                                                   Cobaea scandens


January 2008




Montanoa grandiflora - cutting sent from D__ at San Francisco Botanical Garden



Ageratum corymbosum - grown from seed from Pico Zunil


February 2008



                                                                                      Silene regia



                                                                                          Pinguicula primuliflora                                                                       Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides



                                                             Roldana petasitis var. petasitis                                                                                                   



                                                Roldana petasitis var. petasitis                                                                                                   Roldana acutangula



                                                                                                         Veronica agrestis                                                                       Lamium amplexicaule


March 2008






Roldana gentryi - rooted cutting sent from UW-Madosn (Bob Kowal)



                                                                     Roldana acutangula - Pico Zunil                                                               Roldana heterogama - Pico Zunil



Roldana barba-johannis - Cutting sent from D__.



                                                                Barkleyanthus salicifolius - from Llano de Pinal                                                Arracacia atropurpurea - seed from Zunil ridge



                                          Nasa triphylla spp. rudis - Pico  Zunil               Roldana petasitis var. petasitis                                                                   XCryptbergia 'Red Burst'


Roldana petasitis var. oaxacana - seed collected on Pico Zunil



Ageratina pichinchensis - seed collected on Pico Zunil



April 2008



                                                                                      Alloispermum integrifolium                                                                                                  Dahlia imperialis



Roldana schaffneri - seed from Pico Zunil



Podachaenium eminens - seed from Pico Zunil


                                                                                             Roldana petasitis var. oaxacana                                                                                       Cobaea scandens



May 2008




                                                                                 Tibouchina laxa                                                                                                 Passiflora coriacea




                                                                                                    Asclepias tuberosa                                               Bouteloua rigidiseta



                                                                                      Stachys coccinea



June 2008


Helenium flexuosum



                                                       Ageratina altissimum                                                    Vernonia baldwinii                                                    Heliopsis helianthoides



                                                           Dahlia coccinea                                           Pseudogynoxys chenopoides                                                    Salvia coccinea


July 2008


  Medinilla whitfordii - Vietnam



                                                                                     Medinilla whitfordii                                                                                                  Dahlia coccinea



October 2008



                                                       Melampodium leucophyllum                                                                                                            Baptisia sp. (Travis County)





November 2008



                                                                              Arracacia atropurpurea                                                                                   Montanoa grandifolia


                                                                                                                               Montanoa xanthiifolia ssp. tomentosa



Polymnia maculata



December 2008



                                                              Montanoa grandifolia - fruit                                                                                                             Stevia jorullensis



Salvia curtiflora



Polymnia maculata



February 2009


Telanthophora grandifolia - cutting from D__



                                                                                            Roldana petasitis var. oaxacana                                                                                 Senecio warsziwiczii



Ageratina prunnellaeifolia


March 2009



                                                                                     Ageratina pichinchensis                                                                                Amolinia heydeana






Bartlettina ornata (lanceloate leaved form)


Roldana heterogama - Pico Zunil



                                                                          Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides                                                                      Barkleyanthus salicifolius




Roldana schaffneri




April 2009




Podachaenium eminens


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