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Some CTMS Session Tunes

Here's a list of tunes suggested by Russell Rapport that should be part of everyone's repertoire. All of these can easily be found online... (but see also the Walsh's Session Tunes link below):

Reels: Silver Spear, Sally Gardens, Boys of Bluehill, Cooley's, Maid Behind the Bar, Salamanca
Jigs: Connaughtman's Rambles, Kesh, Lark in the Morning, Morrison's
Slide: Road to Lisdoonvarna
Slip Jig: The Butterfly
Hornpipes: Harvest Home, Rights of Man

Phil Schappert suggests adding the following (which were popular session tunes at the York University sessions in the mid-90's) to your repertoire:

Reels: Julia Delaney's, Ships are Sailing, Wise Maid, Wind that Shakes the Barley, Swallow's Tail, Farewell to Erin
Jigs: Jig of Slurs, Banish Misfortune, Behind the Haystack, Swallowtail, Blarney Pilgrim, Merrily Kiss the Quaker
Slip Jig: Kid on the Mountain
Hormpipes: Off to California, Red Haired Boy
Polkas: Egan's, Dennis Murphy's, Sean Ryan's (and in that order!)

Walsh's Session Tunes (328kb PDF) is a good source of basic repertoire.

Here are some new tunes to play. Please feel free to submit tunes, preferably in sets, for everyone to learn. See ya at sessions!

Garryduff Cross / A Kerry Jig (jigs)

Rose in the Heather / The Rolling Wave (jigs)

Martin Wynne's #2 (slow reel)

Micky Callaghan's Fancy / The Stoney Steps (hornpipes)

Jessica's Polka (polka) & Garech's Wedding (slip jig)

Michael Kennedy's (reel) & The Miller of Drohan (slow reel)

Flowing Down Her Backů (reel) & Humours of Lissadell (another slow reel)

Waltz for the Little Girls (Vals pour des Jeune Filles) (waltz)

Humors of Trim (Rolling Waves) / Mairseail Alasdruim  (jigs)

For more info about the sessions, please contact Justina Hernandez. For info about the tunes found on these pages, please contact Phil Schappert.

Last revised: August 22, 2006.
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