[Cordyline stem]
[grass leaf]
[ragweed stem]
[Clover stem]
[Parsnip stem]
[Grape bark]
[Buttercup root]
[Catclaw root]
[Catclaw, mag]
[Corn root]
[Sieve tube ls]
[sieve plate, side]
[Sieve plate, face]
[Sieve areas]
[Pine bark]
[Cosmos stem]
[Cucumber sieve plate]
[Sieve plate, mag]
[Companion cells]
[Fern stem]
[P-protein plug]
[Collapsed phloem]
[Collapsed phloem]
[Collapsed, grape]

Chapter 8. Phloem.

            The figures presented here were selected to illustrate aspects of phloem, especially the conducting cells  and companion. The legends were written to complement the more complete discussion of phloem presented in Chapter 8 (pages 129 to 140) in the textbook Plant Anatomy by J. D. Mauseth, published by Cummings & Hathaway.

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Phloem in vascular bundle of water lily leaf