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Ph.D. Completed
1986. Wittler, G.H.  The evolution and development of latex ducts in Mammillaria (Cactaceae).

1989. Fulginiti, R.  Morphogenesis at the shoot apex of the moss, Physcomitrium pyriforme.

1994. Hsiao, S.-C.  Biology of holoparasitic angiosperms Balanophoraceae in terms of anatomy.

1997. Landrum, J. V.  An analysis of stem and leaf characters and their systematic implications for a succulent clade in the Order Caryophyllales.

1997. Arnold, D. H.  Effects of environmental factors on anatomy and morphology of plants.

1997. Uozumi, Y.  The evolution of succulent stems in Subfamily Cactoideae (Cactaceae)

2003. Stevenson, J.  Adaptation of water conducting systems to desert conditions

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Ph.D. in Candidacy

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Ph.D. in Progress

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M.A. Completed
 1977. Lawson, E.  Laticifer systems.

1981. Raby, P.A.  A computer program in BASIC to generate tests based on keyword, time-length of exam, difficulty level, and question type.

1987. Keating, P. L.  Hydraulic architecture and its effects upon conductivity.

1987. Miller, M. E.  Initiation and morphogenesis of axillary thorn-shoots in Euphorbia aggregata.

1987. Binning, A.M.  An approach to museum interpretation of paleontological specimens.

1999. Lewis, E.  Gross anatomy and surface micromorphology of seeds of Cactaceae.

2000. Stone-Palmquist, M.  An anatomical study of cactus roots.

2006. Romero, G. Anatomy of succulent wood.
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