An Introduction to the Vegetation and Ecology of the Eastern Edwards Plateau (Hill Country) of Texas

Written by Norma Fowler, Section of Integrative Biology, University of Texas. Please do not use without attribution.

These web pages and the associated pdf document were originally prepared for Bio 384C (Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior), the core course for first-year EEB graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin.  At present these pages do not have pictures, but I hope to add them eventually.



Geology, soils, climate, seasons and phenology

Plant communities, past and present

Miscellaneous natural history (deer, fire ants, reading the landscape, canyons, ball moss, armadillos, harvester ants, King Ranch bluestem, Texas winter grass)

Conservation issues

Field guides, bibliography, more links


pdf version


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last modified: 21 December 2005