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UTEX offers a series of training workshops for individuals interested in learning principles and practices of growing and managing algal cultures.  The next workshop is scheduled for June 4-6, 2014 and will be held at UTEX on the University of Texas at Austin campus in Austin, Texas.   For more information, please visit the UTEX Microalgal Training Workshops' page.

In addition to our current workshops, advanced workshops are being offered in cooperation with Arizona State University as part of the D.O.E.-sponsored ATP3 program The next workshop is scheduled for May 5-9, 2014 and will be held at Arizona State Polytechnic Campus in Mesa, Arizona. For more information, please visit the ATP3 Workshop page.

NAABB Strains Are Now Available Through UTEX - The National Alliance for Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts (NAABB), a consortium of universities, research institutions, and companies funded by the US Department of Energy, has made 30 of their best performing strains available to the public through UTEX. These strains are well characterized for lipid production and growth kinetics. The strains can be accessed with a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). Please contact Dr. David Nobles, Jr. or Stephen Peña for more information about ordering these strains.

UTEX Photobioreactor - UTEX sells laboratory scale photobioreactors in three different packages. The 2-Liter UTEX photobioreactor offers an optimized design for delivering light to maximize growth and product accumulation rates. For more information, please visit our Photobioreactors Overview page.


AlgEternal and UTEX are excited to announce two new additions to our photobioreactor lineup. We are now offering Single-Tube Vertical Growth ModulesTM (15-liter total volume) and Four-Tube Research Vertical Growth ModulesTM (60-liter total volume) designed to enable the transfer of basic research from a laboratory setting, to applied research in a scaled setting. For more information, please visit our Photobioreactor Overview page.

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The Culture Collection includes approximately 3,000 different strains of living algae, representing most major algal taxa.  Cultures in the Collection are used for research, teaching, biotechnology development, and various other projects throughout the world.  UTEX supports this community of users through the provision of algal cultures along with a variety of other goods and services.  This website contains a listing of the cultures maintained by UTEX, conditions for their maintenance, information regarding the purchase of cultures, and various other features of UTEX.

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