Sinaloa de repente

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Sonoran road with hand birthday bfast at the Fiesta Pitahayal cactus forest, Sonora nice cactus star cactus
beetles Sonoran scorpion moth Lygaeidae twins green spider
A tarantula in the hand... Pectis Dalea sp. Caracara Botany by horseback
There is a butterfly on my saddle. Aristolochia sp. Bignone fruits pretty a branch hides next to a walking stick.
Patricia with huevos del toro Solanum sp.? This invasive grass sure is pretty. tarantula on the move Leisurly walk down the river
dinner chair Pectis multiflosculosa spreads its way across the Mexican Pacific coast. Las Labradas, Sinaloa. Collecting Pectis multiflosculosa at sunset, near Walamo, Sinaloa

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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