Photos from the 3rd International Butterfly Ecology and Evolution Symposium...

Helene Engler (left) and me at my poster presentation (photo by Larry Gilbert)

The Gilbert Family, past and present... (photo by Francis Chew)

From left to right: David Boughton (just finished his PhD with Singer), Miriam Medina (MS with Gilbert, now doing PhD at Florida with Tom Emmel), Durrell Kapan (new Gilbert post-doc, just finished at UBC), Marcio Cardoso (current PhD with Gilbert), "Brother" Mike Singer (back), Camille Parmesan (Singer's better! half), Helene Engler (back - just finished her PhD with Gilbert), Erika Deinert (PhD with Gilbert, now teaching in Costa Rica), Evandro Oliveira (current PhD with Gilbert), Gabriel Neve (Belgian PhD visiting Singers lab), Bob Srygley (now at Oxford (post-doc) but still living in Seattle!), Me, Carol Boggs (MS with Gilbert, PhD with Ehrlich, now at Stanford), "Grandfather" Paul Ehrlich (Singer and Gilbert's PhD professor), Larry Gilbert, Phil DeVries (PhD with Gilbert, now at U. Oregon), Carla Penz (PhD with Gilbert, now married to DeVries)

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