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Excellent discussion of uses of genetics and their social implications
(from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, AAAS)

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   Who owns scientific knowledge?    What is Science

Paradigms and Models Mitotic Processes Complementation Test for Allelism
Corn Aleurone Color  Molecular Structures  30 years for Mendelism to "catch" on (get Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Journals compete for papers Money undermines quality Network of Yeast Genes Coding Regulatory Proteins

Supplemental reading and resource web links

Paradigm shifts Ribosome Binding Sites
Paradigm shift examples: Pasteur vs. Spontaneous Generation Twenty Year Incidence of Leukemia
Mitotic Spindle Assembly Twenty Year Incidence of Stomach Cancer
p53: Guardian Gene Twenty Year Incidence of Melanoma
Pesticides that Regulate Genes DNA as "Velcro" Molecule
Wings Develop from Eyes of Drosophila How Did Eyes Arise?
Dioxins Accumulate with Powerful and Long-Lasting Effects What is Chaos?
Terminator Gene in crops Patenting genes and "rights"

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