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Students currently enrolled in one of Dr. Fowler's courses, please use Blackboard to find course materials.

students at bull creek litter sampling

Undergraduates seeking advising: For immediate help call the Biological Sciences Advising Center (471-4920) or visit them in NHB  2.606.  

EVS biology track undergraduates: I am now your faculty advisor. You can contact me by email or call me (471-1295) to make an appointment.

EEB undergraduates: Your faculty advisor is now Dr. Cummings ( However you are still welcome to make an appointment with me to talk about careers or grad school in ecology and/or conservation biology. You can contact me by email or call me (471-1295) to make an appointment.

Information for students interested in graduate school

Careers in conservation biology

Sample syllabus from Conservation Biology (Biology 375)

An Introduction to the Vegetation and Ecology of the Eastern Edwards Plateau (Hill Country) of Texas

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