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Coryphantha documents
    zimmerman dissertation
    malda sci hort
    malda plant cell

Streptanthus bracteatus

Fowler Section 6 Report 8-2010
Pepper Section 6 Report
Zippin dissertation
notes from 6-17-2010 Bracted Twistflower Working Group meeting
Ramsey thesis
Burrell and Pepper 2006
Dieringer 1991
Price 2005 talk (as pdf)
Holder letter re candidate status
Carr 2005 reintroduction proposal
Loomis 2010 S EP HCP
Linam 2002 TNT report
Wendy Leonard thesis
Wendy Leonard videos:  P4180228.MOV  P4180229.MOV  P4180231.MOV  P4180236.MOV  P4180241.MOV  P4210256.MOV  P4210257.MOV  P5180312.MOV
The next two documents are very large, because they were scanned.  Because the large size can be a problem for some people, I have also posted them in sections that are <5MB each.

McNeal HCP report 1989 (17.5MB).  Only the pages of this report that have Streptanthus information have been scanned.  Here are the separate sections of this document:   text    maps1    maps2    maps3  

Damude and Poole status report 1990 (27.3MB)  It is 92 pages, 6 of introductory material + 86 numbered pages. Here are the separate sections of this document: damude1    damude2    damude3    damude4    damude5    damude6

Some articles about other Streptanthus species (not a complete list)

Dolan 1995 (S. morrisonii)  - a serpentine species
Harrison 2006 - article about serpentine plants, Appendix A lists Streptanthus barbiger *, Streptanthus batrochopus* , Streptanthus breweri* , Streptanthus glandulosus,  Streptanthus polygaloides*  (* = serpentine endemic)
Kruckeberg 1954 - classic paper about serpentine plants, including Streptanthus species
Kruckeberg 1982 (S. carinatus) - a west Texas species
Kruckeberg 1986 - serpentine plants, including S. glandulosus, S. insignis, S. drepanoides, S. barbatus, S. howellii, and S. polygaloides
Mayer 1994 (S. glandulosus) - a serpentine species
Moreno 1991 (S. heterophyllus) - a fire follower
Rodriguez-Rojo 2001 (S. polygaloides) - a serpentine species

Texas invasive plant list committee items

list of committee members

Norma's draft document from the 11-2007 workshop   

Jackie Poole's notes from the 11-2007 workshop

Norma's draft Texas criteria form 1-22-2008

David's comments on the draft Texas criteria form, with Cyperus entrerianus 1-29-2009

draft lists for Texas (most recent versions)

(from committee emails, plus my version of Damon's original list and an email from Rich Nelson)

    Fletcher, April 12-19-2007

    Nelson, Rich 12-20-2007

    Philipps, Tom 12-18-2007 - comments on Damon's list

    Philipps, Tom 12-5-2007 - additional species

    Poole, Jackie 12-19-2007

    Rosen, David 11-26-2007 - comments on Damon's list

    Rosen, David  11-26-2007 - additional species

    Singhurst, Jason 12-17-2007 - additional species

    Waitt, Damon 11-2007 (in theory, all possible species)

also, from Tom

    USFS Southern Region list of priority species & complete list of non-native spp (email dated 1-8-200)


criteria from other states

    Australia Pheloung

    Australia WRA system

    Australia WRA (short form)

    Australia WRA demo

    Arizona user's guide

    California criteria (6 pages)

    California criteria (26 pages)

    California criteria with user's guide (35 pages) 

    NatureServe invasive species protocol

    NatureServe score sheet

    NPS 1993 Heibert (36 pages)

    NPS 1993 Heibert criteria only (2 pages)


  species report forms




 journal articles, etc.

    Carter 2007 voucher prep

    development of AZ list 2005

    Fox history of IFAS

    Herron 2007 invasiveness

    Langeland proper uses of FL list

    Pheloung 1999 Australian criteria

    Reichard 1997 invasiveness

    Stocker field methods

    Theoharides 2007 invasiveness

    Van Dreische HA web site history & use

    Rejmanek 1996 invasiveness

    Kolar 2001 invasiveness


 and just FYI,

    Austin GrowGreen Invasive list

    some invasive plant urls (11-16-2007)