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Centaurea stoebe files

Jan 10, 2012

centaurea files.zip 13.6 GB (with ArcGIS files in the Data subfolder) 

soils_info.zip  30 MB (downloaded SSURGO soil reports, mostly)

stuff for Mary Ruth

city and county bendik 09 bendik 2010a bendik 2010b bendik 2010c city 2010 johns 2010 city 2001 o'donnell 2006a o'donnell 2006b o'donnell 2008 travis co 2009 travis co 2010 turner 2003 city maps 2010 for ccaa workshop

usfws cons targets hillis 2010 cbd 2010 ccaa 2010  usfws 2010

scientific articles bowles 2006 chippendale 2000 gaertner 2009 lucas 2009

Bio 373 stuff for Shalene


Austin environmental documents for Marie

general environmental
state of env 2009  green city handout

austin history
austin 1839  austin 1840

7 steps handout   aegbcommercial   aegbmultifam    aegb singlefam
austingreenbldg  homechecklist

acpp report

conservation land management
WQ land management

dog poop
bull creek rec assess   PARD bullcreek    scoop press release  scoop background

endangered species
jollyville salamander decision    veg management    gcw management
bcv management    animal management    tpwd handout EA spp
bcv recovery plan    warbler recovery plan

general environmental

green roofs
final report     interim report

van metre 2006

waller creek development
implementation ch4  master plan exec summary    plan ch3

R369 instream   anaya 2009   report 2010    barrett EQ management
boghici 2009 R371    boghici 2009 R372   caroom 1981
R345 aquifers    tsswcb 2006 nonpoint    twdb 345  aquifers
twdb watercons  EA map  trinity map

pictures for Alyson

Vireo Preserve images

VP folder labels copied from labels on disk, but note that some image dates are discrepant with folder dates. Two access options: use the web page directories to access images individually, or download files in batches of 50.

option 1: directory access to folders with individual VP images



option 2: zipped folders of 50 images each (51 in March4 and 56 in June9)

march VP pics1 (zipped) march VP pics2 (zipped)

march VP pics3 (zipped) march VP pics4 (zipped)

june VP pics1 (zipped) june VP pics2 (zipped) june VP pics3 (zipped)

june VP pics4 (zipped) june VP pics5 (zipped) june VP pics6 (zipped)

june VP pics7 (zipped) june VP pics8 (zipped) june VP pics9 (zipped)

other sites

mtbonellpics (folder with links)

catmtpics (folder with links)

ulrich1 ulrich2 ulrich3

ulrich4 ulrich5 ulrich6

ulrich7 ulrich8 ulrich9

ulrich10 ulrich11 ulrich12

ulrich13 ulrich14 ulrich15