Celtis laevigata var. reticulata

Common Name:  Net Leaf Hackberry

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Celtis reticulata leaves7.jpg (73100 bytes) Celtis reticulata youngleaves2.jpg (60251 bytes)
leaves--unlike in Celtis laevigata var. laevigata, these leaves are rough to the touch leaves again--are these leaves simple or compound?  what kind of margin is present?
Celtis reticulata youngleaf.jpg (33071 bytes) Celtis reticulata warts2.jpg (66341 bytes)
leaf closeup--do you see how the two lobes at the base of the leaf are uneven?  This is a typical trait of the Ulmaceae. bark--notice the warty appearance of the bark--this is one good way to know that this tree is a hackberry