Sideroxylon lanuginosum

Common Name:  Gum Bumelia

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Bumelia lanuginosa leaves1.jpg (59056 bytes) bumelia.lanuginosa.lf2.JPG (78780 bytes)
leaves--what type of leaf margin and leaf shape are present here? leaf underside--notice how hairy the undersides are!

Bumelia lanuginosa hairyleaves.jpg (39652 bytes)

Bumelia lanuginosa thorns1.jpg (48430 bytes)
young leaves--these are covered with a velvety coat of hairs thorns--the thorns are usually quite apparent on young trees

Bumelia lanuginosa habit1.jpg (135498 bytes)

Bumelia lanuginosa habitlarge.jpg (102276 bytes)
habit--S. lanuginosum is a genetically small tree, and it is not uncommon to see trees this size... ...however, they can get up to respectable size!