Smilax bona-nox

Common Name:  Saw Greenbrier

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habit--Smilax bona-nox is a vine leaves and prickles--sometimes the leaves and stems of this species are covered in prickles, and sometimes there are no prickles at all!
In some individuals, the leaves of Smilax bona-nox are covered with light green splotches... ...while in other individuals, the leaves are purely dark green!  Do you see the shininess of this leaf?  Are the leaves of this species glabrous or pubescent?
Smilax bona-nox youngleaves3.jpg (72186 bytes)
Sometimes, catbrier can form impenetrable thickets! young leaves, showing a few white splotches
Smilax bona-nox inflorescence.jpg (32765 bytes) Smilax bona-nox fruits.JPG (39305 bytes)
inflorescence closeup--notice how the tepals are green! fruits (about 4x actual size)