Buddleja racemosa

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Buddleja racemosa habit2.jpg (48558 bytes)

Buddleja racemosa flowers1.jpg (25341 bytes)
habit inflorescence--notice that the young corollas are yellow and then turn brown as they senesce.  Also, notice that the sepals and rachis are covered with thick short hairs, giving the inflorescence a whitish appearance (what do we call this kind of pubescence?).

Buddleja racemosa inflorescencecloseup.jpg (38774 bytes)

Buddleja racemosa leaves1.jpg (87677 bytes)
inflorescence closeup, showing the racemose heads (the heads are arranged in a raceme-like fashion)--thus this species is called Buddleja racemosa leaves
Buddleja racemosa leafarrangement.jpg (52169 bytes) Buddleja racemosa habit1.jpg (125904 bytes)
leaf arrangement--are these leaves opposite or alternate? habit again--wand butterfly bush is a small shrub