Ptelea trifoliata

Common Name:  Wafer Ash, Skunk Bush

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Ptelea trifoliata leaf3.jpg (49403 bytes)

Ptelea trifoliata leafarrangement.jpg (64974 bytes)
leaves--what is the leaf complexity of these leaves? more leaves--what kind of leaf arrangement is seen here?

Ptelea trifoliata youngleaves2.jpg (60544 bytes)

ptelea.trofoliata.flw.male.jpg (43549 bytes)
young leaves--how could you tell these leaves apart from poison ivy leaves? male flowers

Ptelea trifoliata femaleflowers.jpg (31680 bytes)

Ptelea trifoliata youngfruits3.jpg (42185 bytes)
female flowers immature fruits (samaras)

Ptelea trifoliata fruits.jpg (25334 bytes)
mature fruits in Summer mature fruits again, with the wings backlit by the sun--these are the "wafers" in "wafer ash"