Pellaea atropurpurea

Common Name:  Purple-stem Cliff Brake Fern

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pellaea.atropurpurea2.JPG (78746 bytes) pellaea.atropurpurea1.JPG (111478 bytes)
habit typical frond--notice that there is no zigzag in the rachis
Pellaea atropurpurea frond2.jpg (59445 bytes) Pellaea atropurpurea fertilefrond.jpg (42413 bytes)
the frond segments of this species can also be elongate--do you see how darkly colored the rachis is?  It is dark purple, which is exactly what the specific epithet atropurpurea means. underside of a frond showing the sori (sori are the clusters of sporangia, which produce the spores)--in this species, the sori form a continuous band along the margin of the frond