Gilia incisa

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Gilia incisa flower.jpg (13026 bytes)Gilia incisa flower3.jpg (11400 bytes)

Gilia incisa flower2_sharp.jpg (17996 bytes)
flowers--is this a dicot or a monocot? flower again
Gilia incisa leaves1.jpg (37289 bytes) Gilia incisa leaves.jpg (58209 bytes)
stem leaves--what kind of leaf margin is present? upper stem leaves--sometimes the leaves are nearly or completely entire

Gilia incisa basalleaves.jpg (87282 bytes)

Gilia incisa flowerbud.jpg (13918 bytes)
basal leaves--notice how much bigger they are compared to the stem leaves flower bud--do you see the thin sepals?  The flower buds of members of the genus Gilia often have this look.