Spiranthes lacera var. gracilis

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habit and inflorescences in late Summer--Spiranthes lacera is probably the most common orchid in our area inflorescence--Spiranthes means "spiral flower".  Can you see how this genus got its name?

flowers--in Spiranthes lacera, the lip (or labellum) is green.  Also, do you see how the edges of the flower appear fringed?  This is the meaning of the epithet lacera (as in the word "lacerate"). inflorescence yet again, showing the twirling axis--isn't this amazing?!

the leaves of Spiranthes lacera are strictly basal--however, by Fall the basal leaves are gone, leaving only the peduncle (this is the stalk of the inflorescence--the flowers are at the top of this stalk, just off of this picture) developing fruits