Nolina texana

Common Name:  Sacahuista

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Nolina texana habitfruits2.jpg (145682 bytes) Nolina texana cliffhanger.jpg (107642 bytes)
habit, showing fruits habit and typical habitat (limestone rock ledges)
Nolina texana habit3.jpg (136628 bytes) nolina.texana.infl2.jpg (95577 bytes)
habit and flowers--the inflorescence of Nolina texana is much shorter than that of N. lindheimeriana inflorescence

inflorescence closeup--how many stamens and tepals (do you remember what these are?) are present?  Is this a dicot or a monocot? very young inflorescene in early March--do you see the leaflike bracts?

Nolina texana fruits2.jpg (144754 bytes)

Nolina texana fruits1.jpg (91896 bytes)
fruiting stalk in summer fruits closeup--these fruits look much different than the fruits of Nolina lindheimeriana!