Pavonia lasiopetala

Common Name:  Texas Swampmallow

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Pavonia lasiopetala flower9.jpg (36146 bytes) Pavonia lasiopetala flower1.jpg (46123 bytes)
flower--how many petals are there? flower (side view)--notice how the filaments of the stamens are fused to form a short tube (stamens like this are called monadelphous stamens); this tube encircles the style.  All members of the Malvaceae have monadelphous stamens.   In Pavonia, the stamen tube and style are tilted downward, creating a zygomorphic flower.
Pavonia lasiopetala leaf.jpg (50603 bytes) Pavonia lasiopetala habit.jpg (113517 bytes)
leaf--many members of the Malvaceae have leaves with a similar shape and margin (although the size varies considerably) habit