Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii

Common Name:  Wax Mallow, Turk's Cap

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Malvaviscus arboreus flower8.jpg (29890 bytes)

Malvaviscus arboreus spiralpetals_sharp.jpg (24736 bytes)
flower--in the Malvaceae, the stamens are fused together by their filaments to form a tube (but still have separate anthers), through which the style passes flower showing petals--the petals never fully open in turk's-cap, instead staying in a spiral arrangement.  How many petals are present here?  Is this a dicot or a monocot?
Malvaviscus arboreus habit.jpg (114547 bytes) Malvaviscus drummondii leaf.jpg (35167 bytes)
habit--this is likely a single individual! leaf--members of the mallow family characteristically have palmate venation.  What kind of leaf margin is present?
malvaviscus.arboreus.frt.jpg (41824 bytes)
fruits--the green fruits are immature mature fruit closeup, showing persistent sepals