Callirhoe involucrata

Common Name:  Purple Poppymallow, Wine Cups

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Callirhoe involucrata flower1.jpg (40069 bytes) Callirhoe involucrata flower2.jpg (37738 bytes)
flower--cany you find the stigmas and anthers? flower again--how many petals are present?  Is this a dicot or a monocot?

Callirhoe involucrata epicalyx.jpg (42932 bytes)

Callirhoe involucrata flowerleaf.jpg (67440 bytes)
flower (side view)--you can see petals and sepals in this view.   Do you see the extra "sepals" underneath the calyx?  These are really not sepals at all, but bracts (modified leaves directly underneath a flower or inflorescence).  In the Malvaceae, these bracts are called collectively an epicalyx.   In other families, they would be called an involucre. flower and leaf (do you also see the leaves of Geranium, Rubus, and Oxalis?)

Callirhoe involucrata leaves.jpg (101895 bytes)

Callirhoe involucrata habit.jpg (118665 bytes)
leaves in early Spring--the leaves of C. involucrata are palmately lobed habit