Callicarpa americana

Common Name:  American Beautyberry

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callicarpa.americana.habit.JPG (148241 bytes) Callicarpa americana leaf.jpg (80701 bytes)
habit and mature fruits; also, notice how the leaves tend to droop leaf--what kind of venation is present here?
Callicarpa americana leafarrangement.jpg (47703 bytes) Callicarpa americana flowers1.jpg (51099 bytes)
what kind of leaf arrangement is present here? flowers--the inflorescences occur in the leaf axils; notice how the stamens stick out past the corollas--stamens like this are referred to as exserted

Callicarpa americana flowers2_sharp.jpg (53562 bytes)

verben.callicarpa.americana.frt.jpg (53754 bytes)
flowers again young fruits--these will turn a striking purple!
Callicarpa americana youngleaves.jpg (34560 bytes)
closeup of mature fruits in late Summer young leaves in spring--notice how the branches are opposite, just as the leaves are (doesn't this make sense, since new branches arise in the axils of leaves?)