Krameria lanceolata

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flowers--although these flowers look large, they are only about 1" across! flowers--the flowers of Krameria have a strange structure.  Look carefully at the flowers to find the 5 sepals and the 5 petals.  The calyx contains 5 pink sepals.  In the corolla the upper 3 petals are fused into a narrow structure called a claw and wider, reddish limb.  The lower 2 petals are sessile (what does this mean?).

flowering stem, with flower buds floral bud again--the pink sepals are visible in the bud.  The green leaf-like structures on the pedicel of the flower are paired bracts. 
leaves--the alternate, linear leaves have a fine pubescence and are minutely spine tipped habit--this species is a prostrate perennial herb that spreads from a woody base