Garrya ovata ssp. lindheimeri

Common Name: Lindheimer's Silk-tassel

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Garrya lindheimeri leafarrangement.jpg (80072 bytes) garrya.lindheimeri.JPG (64280 bytes)
leaves leaf arrangement--opposite or alternate?
Garrya lindheimeri fruits9.jpg (34203 bytes) Garrya lindheimeri maleinflorescence.jpg (35409 bytes)
fruits--Garrya is dioecious, so this is a female

young male inflorescence in Spring

garrya.lindheimeri.female1.JPG (61138 bytes)
mature male inflorescences look at the leaf in the center of this picture--the leaves are covered with a fine pubescence, giving the leaves a somewhat soft feel
Garrya lindheimeri youngfruits.jpg (37231 bytes)
leaf undersides and young fruits--the underside of the leaf is hairier than the top surface habit--Garrya ovata is a medium to large shrub that is common in the Hill Country