Senna roemeriana

Common name: Two-leaf senna

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Senna roemeriana flower1_sharp.jpg (31245 bytes) Senna roemeriana leaves1.jpg (37272 bytes)
flower--notice that there are 5 separate petals.  Which subfamily of Fabaceae does this belong to?  Caesalpinioideae, Mimosoideae, or Papilionoideae? leaves--this species is called two-leaved senna because each leaf contains exactly two leaflets (notice that the leaves are alternate, as they are in all Fabaceae)

Senna roemeriana habit2.jpg (128804 bytes)

Senna roemeriana fruit.jpg (45854 bytes)
habit--Senna roemeriana is an herbaceous perennial fruit--what kind of fruit is found in Fabaceae?