Mimosa borealis

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Mimosa borealis leaves.jpg (65754 bytes) Mimosa borealis prickles.jpg (72123 bytes)
leaves--do you see how this is probably a legume just by looking at the leaves? leaves and prickles (along the stems)--these prickles are really good at grabbing on to anything that brushes against the stem, giving rise to the common name catclaw.  Can you figure out the leaf complexity?  Leaves smell a little citrusy when crushed!
mimosa.borealis.frt.JPG (51822 bytes)
inflorescences--based on the flowers you see here, which of the three subfamilies of Fabaceae (Caesalpinioideae, Mimosoideae, or Papilionoideae) does this species belong to? fruits (legumes)--how many seeds are present in this fruit?   Also notice the prickles all over the fruits.
Mimosa borealis fruits.jpg (27382 bytes)  
legumes again, showing a more typical form (always with the prickles though!)