Lupinus subcarnosus

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Lupinus subcarnosus flowers1.jpg (49010 bytes)

inflorescence flowers again!  Notice that there is no bright white spot at the tip of the inflorescence, and notice how widely spaced the flowers are.  Also, the wing petals have a more inflated appearance than in L. texensis.

Lupinus subcarnosus habit1.jpg (105988 bytes)

habit--Lupinus subcarnosus is an annual leaf--in Lupinus subcarnosus, the apex of the leaf is mucronate.  How does this differ from the leaves of L. texensis?
lupinus.subcarnosus.frt.jpg (70860 bytes)
fruits--do you see the seeds inside the legumes? habit and habitat--L. subcarnosus lives in sandy soils east of Austin and San Antonio, and can put just as impressive a show as L. texensis can!