Eysenhardtia texana

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Eysenhardtia texana inflorescence.jpg (36560 bytes)
leaves--what kind of leaf complexity is present here? inflorescence--at a distance kidneywood can look like beebrush (Aloysia gratissima).  They are easily told apart, however, because the leaves of kidneywood are compound, while those of beebrush are simple (the flowers and fruits are also very different).

Eysenhardtia texana flowers5.jpg (37199 bytes)

Eysenhardtia texana habit3.jpg (125714 bytes)
flowers--notice the white petals and yellow stamens.   Kidneywood has extremely fragrant flowers that attract bees. habit--this is a bank of solid kidneywood (many separate individuals are present here)!

fab.eysenhardtia.texana.frt.jpg (39592 bytes)
habit again--this time the plant is in flower developing fruits (legumes)