Desmodium psilophyllum

Common name: Simple-leaf Tick Clover, Beggars-Ticks

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What leaf complexity is present here - simple, right?  This is the only Desmodium species in our area without trifoliate leaves, thus the common name "simple-leaf" tick clover. look at these papilionaceous flowers!  don't they remind you slightly of little pink butterflies?  (hence their name)
the genus Desmodium contains plants with sticky fruits!  This fruit is called a loment, and it is a kind of legume that has constrictions around each seed.  No doubt you have come home from walking around outside before and found individual seed segments stuck to your clothing.  In Central Texas Desmodium is the only taxon which has sticky, flat fruits      more loments/legumes
the light purple flower on the left is fresh and receptive to pollinators; the flower on the right is dying and subsequently changing color to blue      what is the leaf shape here?