Chamaecrista fasciculata

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Cassia fasciculata leaves1.jpg (36144 bytes)
flower--this is a caesalpinioid-type flower, with five separate petals (no wings and no keel).  Do you see how the banana-shaped stamens are flared to one side of the flower?   In Chamaecrista, some of the flowers will have their stamens flared to the left (as above), while others will have their stamens flared to the right. leaves, showing the typical pinnately compound complexity of the Fabaceae--these leaves fold during the heat of the day.  What kind of leaf arrangement is present here (this type of arrangement is found in all legumes)?

leaves - Chamaecrista species have a distinctive disc-shaped gland on the petioles. Can you see the gland on the petiole just beneath the lowest leaflets? fruit (legume) in early Fall--can you count how many seeds are present in this legume?