Cornus drummondii

Common Name:  Rough Leaf Dogwood

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Cornus drummondii arcuatevenation.jpg (38748 bytes)
leaves--are these leaves simple or compound?  opposite or alternate?  What kind of margin is present?  What kind of leaf apex and base are present? venation--this kind of leaf venation is called arcuate, because the veins appear to arch toward the apex of the leaf

Cornus drummondii inflorescence.jpg (27344 bytes)

inflorescence showing flower buds flowers--how many petals and stamens are present in each flower?

cornus.drummondii.frt.jpg (42465 bytes)

Cornus drummondii habit.jpg (117775 bytes)
fruits habit--Cornus drummondii is rhizomatous, so this clump of small trees is likely genetically identical (in other words, this is all the same individual)!
Cornus drummondii youngleaves.jpg (32455 bytes) กก
young leaves กก