Lonicera japonica

Common Name:  Japanese Honeysuckle

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Lonicera japonica habit.jpg (123176 bytes) Lonicera japonica flowers.jpg (51432 bytes)
habit--Japanese honeysuckle is a vine flowers--what is the symmetry of these flowers?  Notice that as the flowers age, they turn yellow.
Lonicera japonica twinflowers.jpg (35108 bytes)
the flowers in this species occur in pairs at each node leaves--are these leaves opposite or alternate?
Lonicera japonicum leaves.jpg (76669 bytes) Lonicera japonicum fruit2.jpg (55010 bytes)
leaves again--what kind of venation and margin are present? mature fruits--because the flowers occur in pairs, so do the fruits!
Lonicera japonicum fruit1.jpg (57145 bytes)  
fruits and leaves up close