Viguiera dentata

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habit--Viguiera makes a dazzling display in early Fall! heads--the heads in Viguiera are supported by long peduncles and by long branches
heads--which types of flowers are present?  Rays flowers, disk flowers, or both?  Do you see the two-forked stigma that is present in the disk flowers? (hint:  look in shadows of the flowers of the middle head)  All members of the Asteraceae have two-forked stigmas. head again--notice that the ray corollas have only one notch at their tips
phyllaries (these are what the involucral bracts are called in Asteraceae) leaf--what kind of venation is present here?  Having three main veins originating at the leaf base is a common feature of many species in the sunflower family.
 Viguiera looks a lot like Wedelia texana, but differs in that its leaves are opposite below and alternate above (Wedelia's are all opposite); Viguiera is taller and has petioled, deltoid (roughly triangular) leaves while Wedelia's leaves are sessile and elongate-ovate