Vernonia lindheimeri

Common name: Woolly Ironweed

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Vernonia lindheimeri heads2.jpg (47280 bytes)

heads--this is a discoid head (a head composed solely of disk flowers).  Do you see how the phyllaries appear white?  This is due to the thick layer of fine hairs that covers the phyllaries (it also covers the upper stem and leaves).   This is where the "woolly" in the common name "woolly ironweed" is derived. heads up close--can you find the corollas and stigmas in each disk flower?

Vernonia lindheimeri leaves1.jpg (64080 bytes)
phyllaries again leaves--notice that they are linear.  V. lindheimeri is more drought tolerant than other species of Vernonia in the Austin area (it prefers dry soils on open slopes).
habit--V. lindheimeri is an herbaceous perennial