Ratibida columnifera

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Ratibida columnifera younghead.jpg (30740 bytes)

head with disk flowers just beginning to open--do you see why the common name of this plant is Mexican hat?  The unopened disk flowers in this image are green.  The receptacle in this genus is elongate, creating a conelike disk.   Thus Ratibida belongs to the group of composites commonly called coneflowers, along with Echinacea, Rudbeckia, and Dracopis. another view of the head--in this inflorescence, none of the disk flowers have opened yet

Ratibida columnaris head5.jpg (18187 bytes)

individuals of Ratibida columnifera can have one of two basic ray corolla colors: brown... ...or yellow!  They belong to the same species, despite the difference.
Ratibida columnaris leaf.jpg (34586 bytes) Ratibida columnaris headsinfield.jpg (116170 bytes)
leaf--how would you describe the leaf margin here? heads with ripening fruits--Mexican hat is easily spotted in fruit, because the "cone" heads turn dark brown, as they are here

developing fruits--each segment is developing into an achene that will break off at maturity กก