Packera obovata (= Senecio obovatus)

Common Name: Round-leaf ragwort, Golden Groundsel

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Senecio obovatus rosette.jpg (70582 bytes)

Senecio obovatus stemleaves.jpg (99947 bytes)
basal rosette leaves when the plants begin producing inflorescences in early Spring, the leaves on the inflorescence stalk are deeply incised

senecio.obovatus.2.jpg (71349 bytes)

Senecio obovatus heads.jpg (37121 bytes)
habit showing difference in basal leaves and stem leaves head
senecio.obovatus.jpg (86780 bytes) Senecio obovatus fruits1.jpg (29835 bytes)
Packera obovatus typical habitat--growing in clumps on rocky, shaded slopes fruits (the head in the middle has almost finished developing fruits, while those around the outside have just started)