Brickellia cylindracea

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habit--Brickellia cylindracea is an herbaceous perennial heads--what kind of flowers are present in these heads?  Ray flowers, disk flowers, or both?
heads closeup--the bracts that surround the flowers are called phyllaries in Asteraceae.  Do you see how the phyllaries turn reddish near the top of these heads?  This is typical of this species. leaf--what kind of leaf margin is present here?  what kind of leaf shape?

leaf underside, showing prominent venation--what kind of venation is present here? leaf bases, showing leaf arrangement--the leaves are opposite in Brickellia cylindracea
achene - the fruit of members of the Asteraceae is an achene which is a dry fruit that contains a single seed where the seed coat is not attached to the fruit wall. How are these seeds dispersed? The white, feathery structures attached above the achene is the pappus which is considered to be a modified calyx.