Ilex vomitoria

Common Name:  Yaupon Holly

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Ilex vomitoria leaves.jpg (49043 bytes)

Ilex vomitoria barkandleaves.jpg (80554 bytes)
leaves leaves and smooth bark
ilex.vomitoria.frt2.JPG (83054 bytes) Ilex vomitoria fruits1.jpg (55934 bytes)
leaves and developing fruit mature fruits
habit--Ilex vomitoria is a small tree (there is a juniper in the background) flowers in Spring--Ilex vomitoria is dioecious, meaning there are separate male and female sexes.  What sex do you think these flowers are?  How do you know?
Can you tell that these are male flowers?  Look at how large and yellow the anthers are, compared to flowers on the female plant.  Did you notice that the female flowers in the previous image did in fact have stamens?  However, these stamens are not functioning stamens. กก