Rhus lanceolata

Common Name:  Flame-leaf Sumac, Prairie Sumac

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Rhus lanceolata leaf1.jpg (58978 bytes) Rhus lanceolata stem.jpg (38916 bytes)
leaf--is this a simple or a compound leaf?  Notice the winged rachis.  What shape are the leaflets (hint:  what's the specific epithet)? stem--what leaf arrangement is present here?
Rhus lanceolata habit2.jpg (104915 bytes) Rhus lanceolata bark.jpg (93205 bytes)
habit--flameleaf sumac may be considered a large shrub or a small tree bark--notice the prominent lenticels

Rhus lanceolata flameleaflet.jpg (29608 bytes)

old leaflet--the leaves of flame-leaf sumac turn bright red in the fall, as its name implies! Fall habit, showing fruits

fruits in Fall--what kind of animal might be attracted to this color fruit? mature fruits--just as in Rhus aromatica and Rhus virens, the fruits of Rhus lanceolata are red and slightly hairy

flowers in Summer--these are very small, 5-merous (meaning, with flower parts in groups of 5) flowers